Sleep Don´t Weep



Belleza Venus Body Mesh
Belleza Bra_set 6 nude
~Tableau Vivant~ Koyo Hair Blonds for The Seasons Story
Glam Affair Face Skin applier Theshops

[we’re CLOSED] cloth chair brown stripe for Cosmopolitan Sale Room- Oct
[we’re CLOSED] kerosine lantern 1 metal- Store Gift
[we’re CLOSED] kerosine lantern 2 metal- Store Gift
DRD stack of suitcases for Collabor88- Oct
Scarlet Creative Cabin in the Forest Mesh for Collabor88- Oct
oyasumi / ladder light (dark) / unplugged
oyasumi / jar mug (hold)
Lark – Preserves
Lark – Autumn Popcorn Balls
erratic / home – milk jug
{vespertine-record player/sky}
{vespertine- sailor couch- brown}
Zigana . My hidden place
Zigana . rug . circle of flowers
Zigana . weeled side table

(fd) Cat – 14 Held (Happy)

(fd) Cat – 05 Curled On Back


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